Clean, shiny, spotless, polished, …… these are the common notions of the owners of a car, and hey! We know you have the same but to keep it that way you should know both how to maintain it that way as well as what causes it harm.

Everyone talks about keeping your car spotless and dent-free but here we are discussing what causes your car a dent. As a car owner myself, I can understand how it feels when in the morning you come to clean your beloved car and you discover a dent in your car and you keep thing about it and try to find out what caused your car this little ugly dent. While driving we always keep in mind the dent and wish to avoid it, but sometimes it is not entirely under our control to prevent it from happening.


  • WHILE DRIVING: While driving on the road many events happens when your car can get a dent. It may happen when you drive your car very close to another car or any stationary object like bushes, narrow road with walls, street light poles. It may also happen if you bump your car into a bush.
  • IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD: Every neighborhood has children, yet no one keeps an eye on their every action. Their activities may harm your car and unwillingly and unintentionally give your car a dent. Like playing cricket, football, frisbee, may hit your car and can cause a dent.
  • MOTHER NATURE: No one has control over mother nature like a heavy hailstorm or sleet. Unexpected or lack of preparedness over these can also get your car a new dent. Well, it may damage your car severely.
  • ROAD: Type of road where you are driving the car plays a very important role in giving your car a dent. If you are driving on a kankar road may dent your car as when you drive on those roads after rotation of the vehicle small pieces of rocks may excite or triggered towards your car’s body which dents your car. Driving on the roadside or earthen or grassy roads can also give your car an unwanted scratch.
  • WHILE STEPPING OUT OF THE CAR: Sometimes in a hurry or carelessly, we open our car’s door into a bush, another parked vehicle, or any roadside pedestrian, leading to an ugly little dent. That is be careful while stepping out of the car and watch where your door is opening.
  • OTHER VEHICLES: It is not always our fault for getting our car a dent but sometimes even if you are careful the other person doesn’t need to be also as careful as you are so, always keep a safe distance from other vehicles while driving, getting closure while driving may give your car a scratch or a dent. Driving on an Indian road is always a matter of being careful but still no matter how careful we are it always makes one vulnerable to getting a dent.
  • CAR WASH CENTER: We usually get our car washed by professionals once a month or in two. They use different types of equipment and methods to wash the car which gives good output but while using jet spray any other tools may give your car a small dent or can increase the size of the existing peel-off of paint of your car.


Well not to worry as there are several ways to rectify your car’s deformity/dent.

The best option and foolproof way to get your car’s dent rectified is getting it done by the professionals if it is that big or bad.

But what to do if the dent is small?

Certainly, the internet is having tons of DIY’s to remove a dent and rectify it at home with the usual tools, but one has to keep in mind that those methods do not provide guarantees or promises any sort of success and may cause your car damage otherwise. So, if you are good at taking risks that be thorough with the DIY you are thinking of and make it a foolproof plan without a gap, and being prepared for the worst-case result. If the dent is bad and deep

Then I strongly suggest visiting us as a trusted company we Vasant Motors Exclusive.

Provide the guarantee and assurance you are hoping for in your car because our professionalists are not just employees but before that, they are also vehicle owners so they can understand your concern regarding the dents on your car.

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