Wondering even after multiple mechanical works your car isn’t standing up to your desire!… well not to worry at all as sometimes even the neglected part can make you look bad or give you a bad experience. So never neglect your car’s tyres it is as dangerous as any other part. So to prevent getting into an unlikely situation you should always keep a check on the tyres.


  • MAINTAIN PROPER INFLATION PRESSURE IN YOUR CAR’S TYRE: the pressure level in your car’s tyre is the most important thing to make the experience good and safe. Maintaining the air pressure is one of the keys to keeping your car’s tyre’s life long and healthy. However, it is not necessary to check your tyre’s air pressure every time you take your car out. The ideal situation is when you take your car after a long time, after and before going on a long drive, after driving on a very kankar road, or when you see the indicator blinking. It will keep your tyres long-lasting and safe. keeping your tyre’s pressure on the recommended level according to the owner’s manual is the only thing you can do to protect your car and make it durable.


  • REGULAR INSPECTION OF YOUR CAR’S TYRES: the proper inspection of your car’s tyre is the best way to prevent your car from upcoming damage or accident. But keep in mind that it does not mean that to check every time thoroughly you can do after experiencing any kind of discomfort while driving or at a fixed or a certain interval of time say once in a month. This will keep you updated on your car’s tyre status and give you time to take the required measures to make it better.

  • HOW TO RECTIFY ANY DEFECT IN YOUR TYRE: well to be honest you can’t and you shouldn’t do anything on your own it may make it worse or dangerous. So what to do? Well, the wisest option is to contact your nearest car servicing center. by this, you can get the required assistance to your tyres. We at VASANT MOTORS EXCLUSIVES understand the seriousness of the situation and will give the required attention and work to rectify the defect.


  • PRECAUTIONS TO BE MADE WHILE DRIVING: make sure to drive under the safe limit according to the type of road and avoid excessive spinning when your car is stuck in the mud, pit, or snow as it may damage the spin axes and overheat it. To remove your car from there you can use a gentle to and fro motion by this it will not damage your car. Even if they are healthy, it does not mean that it is perfect. To make your car’s tyre perfect from all aspects, it is important to make it look good. without any further ado, let us focus on the appearance of your car’s tyre.


  • CLEAN YOUR CAR: don’t forget to clean your car’s tyre regularly to keep it from rusting the rim. There is not a fixed time to clean your car’s tyre but it should be done while cleaning the whole car and obviously when you find dirt, mud, rust on the rim.

  • METHODS OF CLEANING: to clean your car’s tyres you should know few methods and ways to get a better result. And to do that please the following steps:-

Step 1: clean or wipe the dirt/dust on the rim with a clean cloth and then use pressure water spray to loosen the grip of dirt on the outer surface.

Step 2: now after spraying water on the tyre and the rim, use a sponge to remove the visible dirt on the outer body of the tyre/rim. Use the best quality car cleaning shampoo to remove the dirt.

Step 3: after using sponge and shampoo, again use the water spray to wash out the dirt and the foam from the car’s tyre. Also, clean the mudguard properly.

Step 4: After washing the tyre and the rim, use a dry cloth to wipe the extra water or foam on the surface. Wipe the rims properly even on the reachable inside part.

Step 5: After wiping it with the dry cloth, now is the time to give your car some shine. Once it is dry take some rim polish on a piece of cloth or sponge and gently rub on the rim of the wheel and keep rubbing it until it gets its shine.

By following these simple steps, you can definitely give your car’s wheels the proper care they require. After all who does not want their car to clean and shiny and thee wheels clean and rust-free.

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