5 common myths and facts about cars

Buying a car is not only every American dream but every individual’s dream, this might come as a privileged and first-world desire but believe it or not every person has at least once desired on a Car. Even today cars are very much a status symbol and easy commutation as well. If we see the average population in India still dreams of cars though affordable cars have made many dreams come true a person still works hard to own a car and hence taking care of it like a baby is undeniable. As new parents are given hundreds of advice, new car owners either receive too much or after doing deep research they might end up believing in some faults assumptions supporting the existing myths in the society and it just gets strengthened.

We found few very common myths and let us check out the facts as well.

  1. Turning on Air Conditioner will increase speed and make the car more efficient: Okay first thing it might increase the efficiency of fuel, but, there will be more fuel consumption. Turning off the AC increases the speed of your car as there is less load on the fuel. A lot of people also use ac more because clean interiors matter, but buddy, it is healthy to put the window down sometimes and breathe in the open air.
  2. If we are not using a car that means it is not being worn off or will have longer life: NO, that is something very wrong, there are a lot of people who think that if they are nicely keeping their cars in the garage adding to the beauty of their compound, it is not a showpiece and it deteriorates with time if the machine is not being used. There are chances that there are chances your car might cause you more problems leading you to spend more money because it is not being used properly. Further two myths spring from this one only that.
  3. If we are not using a car why bother taking it for servicing: Car is not being used, so what can go wrong in it nothing so it is okay to not take it out for servicing, people believe that they only have to get the car serviced if they have to use it or they have used it, but, actually even if one is not using the car regularly even then it is very important to get it serviced or if I put it this way, if you are not using the car regularly it is advisable to at least take the car out to a service center and spend some time understanding the condition. It is not true that you have to spend a lot of money on service every time. You can plan now budget for your car’s maintenance and repairs ( insert a link to related article), To break another myth that is car maintenance and servicing is very expensive check then out right now the affordable price range for all kins of car services at Vasant Motors Exclusive and it will make your wallet smile.
  4. No tire Change if no puncture: this is another common myth you will come across and they support their argument with the fact that if there is no puncture then tires are working fine then why should we change it, yes gas can be filled. This is not true as well because it is like saying if you are not fainting why get your BP checked regularly and we know what is right here, definitely not this attitude. The health of your car doesn’t have to go low for you to check it, you should check your user manual and know the right time to get your tires changed as they wear off after a certain time.
  5. The oil change is very important and hence we should do it after every 3000 km: it is great that you are this proactive but the fact is it depends on the quality of oil you are using. A lot of advanced or good oils have longer run periods and are now being developed in a way to perform maximum and run for a longer time and if you go with this myth you might be wasting the oil by changing it before the need.

All of these are some of the most common myths that are addressed by experts at Vasant Motors exclusive as we support you being an informed owner and hence it is very important to understand what actually out of everything we read on the net and are made to believe are reliable, we like to come with expert opinion to keep you informed.

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