How to budget for Car repair and maintenance

Raise your hands if you are the chief of the budget planning committee for all kinds of works at home, it is fun and satisfying when you can foresee all the expenses coming in and plan right? Especially if you have many assets to take care of. House and car need extensive repair and maintenance attention.

Well, to start from the very beginning if you are planning a buy a car and you want to get an idea of how much in hand money should I keep for nearby expenses. The biggest tip is to make sure you have 3 times the money you want to spend on anything. Well, this might not be followed for few properties sure, but for your car at least make sure you have double the money so that it doesn’t disbalance your rest of the expenses ( petrol prices are included). But this becomes very easy if you stick to the plan.

For the first few services, you don’t pay for the maintenance and repair unless it is some accident then the Insurance company comes into the picture. Making sure of getting insurance for your car is equally an important part of things to keep in mind while budgeting for car repair and maintenance. Insurance covers a few accidents and damages depending on the amount of insurance again. Otherwise, every car company provides the first few services free. So this is the best time to start saving money because after this you will be paying depending on the requirement.

How much to budget for the car repair and maintenance on an average depending upon requirement and type of car can be seen ranging from 1500 to 4000. Though, I repeat depends upon the damage or requirement as well as the type of vehicle.

All the car experts believe the best way to avoid big burdens is by getting the car serviced regularly. Every vehicle comes with the user manual, it contains all the necessary details about the numbers i.e after how many months or after how many kilometers the car should be serviced, after how many kilometers or months the wheel alignment has to be checked, or vehicle diagnostics should ideally be done before any kind of warning by the vehicle. It also mentions the longevity and maintenance of air conditioners and generally how many months the coolant lasts, all these are ideal cases and the milestones vary from vehicle to vehicle and also the usage and environment the car functions in.

There is one way to start when your vehicle is getting free service, ask the expert about all the services they are providing and how much would have this cost you if it was not for free. Understand the mechanism of your car and what are the general and possible repairs you might have to get done in the coming times and how much does it cost. Also, understand the basic requirements of the car which you will know on your own as well, as the car keeps moving. Now when you know what all you have to know, I would also like to tell you that at Vasant Motors Exclusive, we make sure the new owners are made aware of all these things and we have plans for you as well. When you gather all this information then calculate the money for each service and make sure you keep that much amount separate after each free servicing. So, now by the time you avail of all your free servicing chances you have already saved for the same number of servicings ahead, this is the minimum you can save and plan for.

There are a lot of car expense calculators online that calculates the amount for repair, maintenance, insurance, and further expenses to purchase or to-know before the purchase, makes it easier to just fix upon an informed random value and keep saving that amount every month without fail, so that you do not panic during the crises.

It is always best to be proactive and keep maintaining the car by regular servicing and inspecting the parts, be aware while driving, and keep listening to any kind of unusual noise in the vehicle, make sure you open the bonnet once in a while to know the status. Waiting until the car starts giving you trouble indicates that your pocket is in trouble as well, do not worry Vasant Motors Exclusive is always at the rescue and available at an affordable price range under expert price range.

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