Top 10 reasons to service your car regularly

If you are here we know how much you love your car and you will get to know how much we love to help you take care of it. The dream car which you bought or got gifted, the value, money, and time you spent and spend on it, honestly it is your baby and this leaves no other reason to get your car serviced regularly and give it the luxury of servicing it deserves. Honestly, there are numerous benefits of regular car servicing

  1. Improving Fuel Efficiency: After you get yourself a very nice car which gives you around 25-28 km/ltr, you feel happy about your decision. But after 2 years you realize that you are getting only around 20-22 km/ltr. Regular car service ensures that the fuel injector is in good condition and allows fuel to flow properly without any blockages. 
  2. Air Filter Clean up: When you are going for a car maintenance service, make sure you are also getting your air filters checked properly because they make sure the right amount of air is sent to the ignition system to burn the fuel. 
  3. Engine Durability: The engine of the car continuously gets filled with dirt and dust. This prevents the car from working properly and sometimes could also cause major issues. Engine durability is one of the most important reasons a car would function properly over many years. It is one major reason to get car servicing regularly. So, getting the car checked and serviced regularly helps prevent such issues. 
  4. Battery Life: It is the main source of all the power supplied to the car for it to get started, powering the lights and charging ports for phone charging, Air conditioning, and more. Search for auto mechanic shops near me and know if it’s time for the battery to be changed or charged. 
  5. Changing the Tyres- A Safety Concern: Checking the tires is the most important point on the car servicing checklist There are different kinds of terrains in India. And because of this, the tires take a huge toll as they have to adapt to these different roads. This means that the tread depth on the car continuously decreases and if it is less than the legal limit of 1.6mm it could cause some serious trouble. Improper tread depth could cause the car to skid on the roads and hence compromising the safety of the car. Using the same tires even after tread marks emerge could cause accidents as the gripping of the tires drastically decreases. So, it is very important that the car tires are regularly checked for tread lines. 
  6. Pollution: Every time you drive a car it emits CO2 which is inevitable. But the amount of these kinds of poisonous gases that get released into the environment has to be kept in check. So having a regular Vehicle maintenance schedule of the car helps control pollution. This is necessary because higher levels of CO2 emissions could affect the environment drastically and lead to global warming. So, it is important to get a pollution check on the car. 
  7. Avoid Damage by rodents: Suppose you just wake up one day and would want to go on a long drive and start searching for a nice destination and you end up searching for car service near you. Rats can cause a lot of damage to the external and outer pipes, be sharper than rats and get your car serviced regularly. 
  8. Maintain Car Value – a wise owner: Higher Car servicing frequency maintains the car value for resale and that is always a   smart move to keep the car fit and fine because you know the new car might steal your heart, so why not fill the pocket with the old one before. 
  9. Save Money: Looking for Luxury and affordable car servicing then go with Vasant Motors and save your money, also regular car servicing can avoid any bigger expenditure which might pop suddenly if you service your car in longer intervals. 
  10. Always good to go: Once you are confident that you get your car maintenance frequently, you are always ready to go and enjoy the drive with your favorite music on high volume without any stress of listening to the car sounds to check if everything is okay. Sounds fun? Go get your car serviced today.

Although you’ve might have had enough time to clean your car during the lockdown, some of these reasons above need expert care. Vasant motors are here for you to do more than just servicing your car, but to also nurture and nourish and maintain the luxury of your car for regular use. Go the extra mile when it comes to servicing your car and it will do the same.

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