9 ways to know when should you change your car’s oil

Well, one pro-tip to all the car owners is that car’s oil is one of the key factors for great performance. It plays a vital role in maintaining the life of your car. First things first, oil in the engine reaches all the internal parts and reduces the friction between moving parts to ensure the smooth functioning and running of the car. Now when we know this, the next question that pops up is how do you know when is the right time to change the car’s oil? The answer is to not panic but be mindful, you are at the right thought channel and at the right time.

Get a cup of coffee and let us now see when should you change your car’s oil –

  1. Read your User Manual thoroughly: Every car and brand has different requirements and so knowing your car and its functioning, as well as its requirements, is essential. After you purchase the car you surely will receive one user manual, if, at all you don’t have a user manual, you can download it any time from the net, and hence no worries. The user manual contains all the information about what is the type of oil in your car and what is the tentative time interval or milage alarm.
  2. Regular car servicing- With the user manual you also receive a few free servicing and check if you can get your first oil change done within those three free servicings because it is one a smart decision to make and second, it is not necessary that because it is a new car it might nor need an oil change. When you get your car serviced regularly, in Vasant Motors Exclusive we give you a proper check and update for all parts including oil condition for you to be an informed car owner.
  3. Mileage wise: Different cars have different millage and they are mentioned in the user book or otherwise on the net. Mostly this ranges from 5000 km to 15,000 km, but this is where the problem might start. You might be busy or say due to the current scenario you did not drive your car much and hence might not have reached that mileage limit. This should not be the factor stopping you from changing the oil.
  4. Time-wise: There are  cars which come with the time interval instructions, like in and after 6 months or a year is when you should change the car’s oil or engine oil. As an owner what you have to be watchful of here is that even though the car has a specified time interval, it is not the only factor. Time and milage are not the only factors to rely upon when it comes to when should you change the car’s oil.
  5. Dip check: Your car comes with a dipstick which is of great help, if you don’t have one you can buy it but make sure you do not leave the dipstick out while driving as it might become dusty and can be a problem. Dip check is a technique you can do yourself to check the oil’s condition. Once you take the dipstick out clean it properly and ensure zero dust presence. Now dip it inside the engine oil tank and check the quality to decide if it has to be changed. How will you know if its time to change the oil, lets see ahead
  6. Dusty or rough texture: Once you take the dipstick out touch the oil, now the very very very crucial thing to remember is that make sure Oil is neither hot nor even warm( be cautious). When you touch the oil if you feel a grittiness or rough texture, it might be a little sandy or dusty, change your car’s oil immediately.
  7. Colour: Once you see the texture of the oil you can also see the color of the oil on the dipstick, it looks dark or black-ish get a hint that it is time to change the oil. For a hassle-free quick oil change, you can visit Vasant Motors Exclusive nearby.
  8. Noise: Another way to know if your car needs an oil change is while driving you might be hearing sounds from the engine or while using breaks or in general when driving. The first thing to do is dip-check and change the oil.
  9. Be a little proactive: when it comes to taking care of your car, it is smarter to be a little proactive. Check your car regularly and also, especially before any journey. If your car’s oil is starting to look even a little darker or gritty change it immediately and keep no space for problems to arise. It is always better to be ready.

What you should take away from here is that do not just think because your car has not reached the mentioned mileage limit or time duration as mentioned, there is no need to check the oil. Always keep the dipstick ready and ask for a report after servicing, be conscious, and be safe. For a detailed report of your car visit Vasant Motors Exclusive stores nearby for your convenience.

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