Why is it necessary to have a wheel alignment and balancing for your car?

A properly secured and the maintained car always adds up to the joy of happy and routine car rides. Talking about car maintenance and safety checkups, a lot of times wheel alignment and balancing skips your mind and your car skids. Negligence of wheel and tire inspections can be a cause of underlying serious car issue which you might be facing. Being a car owner, it is crucial to understand why certain components and features are more important to look after and be cared for to avoid any serious damage to the riders and the vehicle.

Let’s start from basics what is Wheel alignment: Wheel alignment refers to techniques and procedure of adjusting and correcting the settings of the wheels so that the suspension which connects the wheels to the vehicle is proper. Correction of the angles in which the wheels are fitted to the car and come in contact with the road is of vital importance.

Rolling ahead let us see what is Wheel balancing: Often wheel balancing is confused with wheel alignment but they are different. Wheel balancing refers to the technique which ensures the proper balancing of weights on each tire. A balanced wheel and tire correlation gives you a smooth and even ride.

Why does a car need Wheel alignment and Balancing?

Poor Wheel alignment can cause damage to the tire. The tire will tear off easily and disappoint you with uneven car rides as well as can lead to serious car damage. Improper Wheel balancing can disrupt the wheel assembly and cause rather early damage to the tire.

Wheel balancing should be done more frequently as it is a fact that tires lose balance more rapidly than wheel unalignment.

Now let us understand why and when is it necessary to care for the alignment and balancing of your car tires:

  1. Road Type: This is not in your hands, road conditions are a reason for distress and damage to the car especially tires and wheel alignments. The more the potholes, the uneven road more pressure it exerts on the suspension and this can cause wheel imbalance as well. If you live in a place with bad road situations it is suggested to keep checking the wheel balancing and condition frequently. Tire Conditions are the primary hints for understanding if it needs work, the tires tear out easily on rough roads and become uneven. Take the hint and come to Vasant Motors Executive for expertise servicing.
  2. Car model: Car models have a specific distance factor after which it is recommended to get the wheels aligned. Mostly the cars or vehicles like SUV have independent suspensions it is very important to keep checking for alignment and balancing, due to steering front wheels puts up with a lot of stress. It also depends on the vehicle to vehicle, you can refer to your vehicle user manual and understand the wheel functioning, it will let you know if it has a specific timeline or distance for balancing and alignment.
  3. Vibrations: When the wheels are not balanced properly they tend to make noises when you are driving and also the whole car body starts to vibrate when turning. If this is happening with your car, please check with the expert.
  4. Money and Fuel: Balancing and Aligning your car wheels is also a money saver trick. Worn out or uneven tires lead to more fuel consumption, yeah we know how the fuel prices are increasing and you should be as aware as possible to save money by avoiding negligence.
  5. The longevity of Car life: Maintaining longer car life is a practice that requires putting in little effort regularly to get bigger results. Aligning your wheels and balancing them from time to time gives your car a longer life and a more fun ride to you.
  6. Safety: Safety concerns are the priority of any car manufacturer or owner. Unaligned wheel and imbalanced wheels and poor tire coordination is a risky situation that can even lead to accidents.
  7. Performance: You want your car to give its best performance then you have to perform few tasks for it. It is a give-and-take relationship. More you are taking care of tire condition, aligning the wheels timely the performance of your car increases.
  8. Suspension: Certain components of suspension has to be corrected and measured such as Camber and toe. Camber is the one that identifies how far the tire can tilt inwards and away from the center. Toe points out the exact direction of the vehicle. These are the major parts to be corrected while aligning the wheels. At Vasant Motors Exclusive, we ensure to check each component of suspension and detailed inspection on balancing of the wheel. Come for the best Car servicing.

Apart from all these points, it is also important to get the wheels aligned and balanced after the installation of new tires. Similarly, after your car had severe damage like an accident, it is suggested to not miss wheel alignment and balancing during repair and servicing. Vasant Motors Exclusive servicing always serves you with the best expert services at an affordable price range for car servicing.

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