Common problems why your car doesn’t start and troubleshooting tips

When life is in a rush to go and the car becomes like your motivation which shows no signs of starting the day, always remember it is okay. Firstly you need to understand a few reasons why your car might not start few times even after it might be in good condition. Instead of worrying immediately, we suggest better understand the root cause.

A few of them are listed here, let’s read out the most common reasons why your car is not starting and tips to solve it.

  • Battery: When you start your car it might give you a weird clicking sound yet the car doesn’t start this might be due to an electrical problem or motor problem. Mostly this is because of Low power issues, a lot of times there is a lot of corrosion and dust that time creates a problem for a car to start, and can be rectified. Clicking sound indicates that the battery is okay. So, start checking the voltage and for that use multimeters. Check all the wirings and battery connections. If you don’t hear a clicking noise even after giving the key, the issue might be a low charge battery. To check if there is a battery issue you can turn on the light inside the car and see if it is dull or bright. This low battery can be because you left your Ac or Headlights on. But you can solve this issue on your own with jumpstarter and also go to a mechanic for detailed service.
  • Alternator: It charges up the battery to be used and hence if the alternator has issues the electricity won’t reach the battery and the resulting car not start.
  • Gas: Low on gas can also restrain the car from starting, there is always a need for more gas to start the car than while driving as neglecting it till its lowest limit might throw you in trouble.
  • Fuel pump: its function is self-explanatory, if it does not send the fuel properly then the respective components in the car won’t receive proper fuel and the car will not start. Check the fuel pump, inspect the wires and pipes. You can clean the dust if any or can go to an expert to get it all neat and working.
  • Bad ignition coil. The ignition coil is responsible for transforming a battery’s voltage into an electric spark. A cracked or foul ignition coil means there will not be enough fluid to perform. Arrange a multimeter and test the strength of the current running through the coil.
  • Wheel lock: It goes unnoticed a lot of times but you might not lock your car properly and the wheel lock is turned on, because people kind of not notice it, they try doing all tricks and tips, and end up spending a lot of money on just getting a wheel lock opened up. Try moving the steering left and right and then move the key and try turning the car on that is all the car will be okay again.
  • Poor belt timing: The belt ensures that the valves in the engine are usually open and close at the proper time interval, so the valves and the pistons can never come into contact. It is very important to maintain this component in a car’s engine. If at all it fails, it can cause severe engine module damage. This might put you in a situation of replacing the engine. It is good to keep changing the belt from time to time and be sure. Check your user manual to know your belt’s life span.
  • Damaged distributor cap: The voltage goes from the engine’s ignition coil to the spark plugs through the route facilitated by the distribution cap. Issues of moisture and humidity traping under the cap can be prooved problematic for a car. Make sure to clean it with a dry cloth before installing it again. Don’t delay replacing a damaged cap immediately.
  • Irregular servicing or bad servicing: To avoid any of these kinds of problems in your car is to make sure that you get it serviced regularly and sometimes because of ill-organized servicing centers it becomes of no use to get the car serviced. Vasant Motors Exclusive has properly channelized steps and a minute cleaning process makes it worth it and keeps your car safe.

Considering all these issues in hindsight, it is understood that there might be basic problems because of which the car might start and there can also be severe hardcore reasons. It is advised to always keep a Jumpstarter, multimeter, and few basic tools with you and try inspecting on your then take a thoughtful decision about spending money on it.

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