5 facts about Car Brake Repair and maintenance

While driving on Indian roads you never know what comes ahead and one thing that you need to have full control over is the Brake. Brake decreases or decelerates the speed of the car and thus preventing it from spinning. Maintenance of Brakes is a necessary part of the car care regime which you should swear to. Elaborating on are a few facts about car brake repair and maintenance.

  1. Brake Pad Control: They are one of the most crucial parts of the mechanism, these are the ones that take care of the friction that controls the car’s movement.
  2. Oil leak Problem: The oil helps to smoothen the friction between the discs and so the leakage might lead to a Brake fail. So it is very important to check that all the valves are properly sealed with no gap for leakage. There might be an issue with the master cylinder so checking with the technician is suggested to take immediate precautions.
  3. Weird pitchy Noise when pressed: If you can hear very wired noises while pressing the brake pad, understand it is your call to repair the Brake or change the brake pads. There might be some high pitch metallic noise when you are driving the car that might be because of a lack of lubricant. It is an indicator to change or fill the lubricant.
  4. A burning smell: A lot of times when you are pressing the brake pads you might smell some strange burning smell this might be due to overheating of the Brake and sometimes it might also happen because of overheating of the clutch. The next thing you should do is to park somewhere near and check for the reason for the heat.
  5. Rotor issues: if you feel any kind of vibrations and bumps while pressing the Brakes or while driving this might be an oddly worn-out rotor and due to loose wheel nuts( while installation). Sometimes after a lot of car use, there might also be debris that might stick on the wheel or brake motor which might be problematic along with the chance of having thinning of disc thickness.

If you see or experience any of these symptoms, take a hint that your car Brake needs maintenance immediately, you can anytime check into Vasant Motors exclusive to get a proper servicing done and get a detailed report on when to service your car to be a proactive owner which is the best solution to avoid any kind of car-related issues.

Let us now see what all are the best measures to maintain your car Brakes.

  1. Keep Changing the brake fluid: Brake fluids as mentioned play a very important function as they coordinate with the Brake instruction and whole system. It holds very higher chances that it might get airy, humid, and might catch moisture. and it starts causing the issue. So check your car’s mechanism and understand the pattern of how long it takes for the fluid to be in reduced efficiency and change accordingly.
  2. Changing the brake parts: Every time you are getting your car serviced or if the Brakes are causing any trouble, it is always the best option to check with the technician and get the damaged ones changed, this always keeps the car fit and trouble-free.
  3. Ensure your rotor functioning: Rotor functioning and its smoothing are of utmost importance. If there is a friction problem always remember there will be heating issues in the brake pads and rotors and the brake pad can be worn out easily and hence keep checking the brake pads and rotors.
  4. Checking on the brake calipers: Calipers are in use every time you press the brake and hence there are a lot of times due to continuous usage the calipers might require replacement or change and hence a technicians’ help is advised. Many times you might feel that car goes out of control even after pressing the Brakes on time the car might go a little forward and this is high because of the properly working of the calipers.
  5. Check the master line cylinder and brake lines: This part takes the brake instructions while you press the Brakes and with the help of calipers and brake lines it reaches each tire and hence taking care of the brake lines and master line cylinder is very important. A general tip would be to reduce unnecessary weight.

These are a few points you would want to keep an active eye on. Brake maintenance is very important and it is a very crucial task and hence trusting the best team of people like at Vasant Motors exclusive always near you.

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