We know that summer is almost here and you are already dreaming of going to places with your ac on and that cool air beating the sun for you, energizing you like no other vehicle will ever will. Alas, feels so soothing right. Now if you want that scene to happen in time here is a reminder for you much before so the only spiring you face this year is the weather and not the problems. First things first, you need to see what all can be and what are the most common Ac problems in any car.

  • Car Ac not giving cool air: If your car is not giving you cool air but it is on or if it is giving you hot air instead of cool air, all of these are a major turn off but let us see why it happens. If any of the mentioned are happening with you that is because the car might have issues with coolant and refrigerant and the solution is you might need to fill it up or recharge it again. It is simple so no need to waste extra sweat on finding the solution.
  • Leakage: Coolant or refrigerant leakages are not as simple to find out as it is to find out oil leaks because the refrigerant evaporates immediately after coming in contact with the external environment. There are chances your condensate drain pipe is not connected properly with the ventilation pipe and hence it is coming inside the vehicle and not going out. There are chances again that this is happening because of the low level of refrigerant, sometimes decreased level of coolant or refrigerant makes the rest of the same freeze and hence the water starts coming inside the vehicle. Now to solve this you have to find out if the pipes are attached fine and check the level of coolant and there you go, stay cool.
  • Makes noise: Yah! We know that is irritating, it is like an unending subscription ad that you can’t even skip. Wait you can if you check it is that which makes your Ac go all noisy. There is a chance that your car’s bearing is all worn out and also that there is a major part failure. Also, not to miss sometimes just the debris can cause that noise. Let us tackle this, if the problem is just the debris you know what to do and if there is a car component failure you should visit some exclusive car servicing center like Vasant Motors Exclusive service center and it vanishes, all your problems will just vanish away. Your noise cancelation is done.
  • Smells awful: Does it feel like you car smells like a dustbin on the road you can’t even file complain about on any of the cleaning apps? Yes, don’t worry we have covered you as well and just a car freshener won’t solve this problem. The reason your car might smell awful after you turn on your ac is that there might because you have bacteria and molds, as to give you company on the ride which you certainly didn’t ask for There, might be a growth in them. After all, you rarely use your Ac or you always keep the maximum setting. This can be resolved as well, make sure you change your Ac filter and ask your service center’s help to add some anti-bacterial powder. Also, if you smoke inside the car, all the smoke gets trapped in those ac filters so changing one of them will resolve the issue.
  • No air coming from the vent: Now this problem might arise if your car has some relay problems or if your car air intake is blocked and hence the exchange of air is not happening properly. It also holds the chance of some fuse problems which as breaking the circuit. Well for this you might have to visit a service center because there can be numerous reasons why this is happening so it’s better to go for a full checkup and understand, also get it fixed. If you are wondering where is that place will do all this as quickly as possible then let me suggest Vasant Motors Exclusive( thank me later).

When dealing with an Issue of Car AC problem, don’t add the heat by pressurizing yourself. You are still cool and take a long breath. Now, your car is like your baby but still a machine, and a few problems here and there can be taken care of and sometimes it just needs a little pampering to make sure you keep checking it taking it for cleaning and servicing. Trust me if they could give you one tip to keep your car fit every day that would be to “Be proactive and keep checking it from time to time”.

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